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    1. Tuesday 19th March at 06:30 PM
      How to release oneself's best

      Career workshop

    2. Tuesday 19th March at 07:00 PM
      Affirm one's positions in respect of others

      Career workshop

    3. Wednesday 20th March at 06:30 PM
      Spring Afterwork

      Hong-Kong Club

    4. Thursday 21st March at 07:00 PM
      Entrepreneur Afterwork !

      Let's go for the pitchs !

    5. Thursday 21st March at 07:00 PM
      Finance Afterwork

      Networking meeting Finance Club

    6. Thursday 21st March at 07:00 PM

      Shanghai Alumni Club

    7. Thursday 28th March at 05:30 PM
      Develop your assertiveness to ace your communication skills

      Online Career workshop

    8. Thursday 28th March at 07:00 PM
      Entrepreneur Club

      Entrepreneur Club

    9. Tuesday 2nd April at 12:30 PM
      Discover Personal Branding and leave with your brand balance

      Online web conference

    10. Thursday 4th April at 07:00 PM
      Project Management Club - Paris

      Soft skills in project management and entrepreneurship

    11. Tuesday 9th April at 07:00 PM
      Manage difficult personalities (Paris)

      Career workshop

    12. Wednesday 10th April at 06:30 PM
      Lecture by Robert Dilts: Facilitating Collective Intelligence


    13. Thursday 11th April at 08:30 AM
      SKEMA Strategy Summit

      Second Edition - 1st Strategy Summit in France

    14. Thursday 11th April at 07:00 PM

      Alumni cocktail reception

    15. Wednesday 24th April at 06:30 PM
      Know and activate the engines of my motivation (Lille)

      Career workshop

    16. Wednesday 24th April at 06:30 PM
      First conference in London with an alumnus expert in real estate

      Real-estate investing in France, for French nationals in London

    17. Tuesday 7th May at 12:30 PM
      To understand the conflict positively

      Online Career workshop

    18. Tuesday 14th May at 07:00 PM
      Initiation to Personal Branding as a career management approach (Paris)

      Career workshop

    19. Thursday 16th May at 07:00 PM
      Entrepreneurship club

      The first entrepreneurship event

    20. Tuesday 21st May at 07:00 PM
      Improve my interpersonal communication

      Career workshop

    21. Thursday 23rd May at 12:30 PM
      Negotiate with his employer for a hiring, an evolution, a departure, ...

      Online web conference

    22. Tuesday 28th May at 06:30 PM
      Vigorize your strengths to achieve your goals (Lille)

      Career workshop

    23. Tuesday 4th June at 07:00 PM
      Taking office: succeeding your first 100 days (Paris)

      Career workshop

    24. Wednesday 12th June at 12:30 PM
      Experience Personal Branding and reconnect with your aspirations

      Online Career workshop

    25. Tuesday 18th June at 05:30 PM
      The 4-hour-workweek: how to find the right lifestyle

      Online web conference

    26. Friday 28th June at 07:00 PM
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