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    1. Tuesday 28th January at 06:30 PM
      Convince with an effective pitch

      Career workshop (Lille)

    2. Tuesday 28th January at 06:30 PM
      Entrepreneurship Club : from wage earner to entrepreneur, for what ?

      From wage earner to entrepreneur, for what ?

    3. Wednesday 29th January at 06:30 PM
      Fondue Night

      Join us in this place!

    4. Wednesday 29th January at 06:30 PM
      Lecture by Robert Dilts: Conscious Leadership and Resilience


    5. Thursday 30th January at 12:15 PM
      Assertiveness to convince: put your personality at the heart of your interventions

      Online Career workshop

    6. Tuesday 11th February at 07:00 PM
      Choose a job aligned with your interests: take the test!

      Career workshop (Sophia-Antipolis)

    7. Wednesday 12th February at 05:30 PM
      The secrets of motivation at work

      Online Career workshop

    8. Thursday 13th February at 07:00 PM
      Raclette dinner

      Raclette dinner

    9. Thursday 20th February at 07:00 PM
      Chinese Lantern Festival

      Chinese New Year in Shanghai

    10. Thursday 27th February at 06:30 PM
      After-work event with UK finance expert as special guest

      Talk by Tarek Amuyni, Head of MSc Financial Market & Investments (Sophia campus)

    11. Tuesday 10th March at 06:30 PM
      Develop your impact capacity

      Career workshop (Lille)

    12. Wednesday 11th March at 12:15 PM
      Managing difficult personalities: the two faces of narcissism

      Online Career workshop

    13. Thursday 26th March at 06:30 PM
      First inter-alumni Business School event

      A unique opportunity to enrich your network!

    14. Tuesday 12th May at 06:30 PM
      What if you dare to succeed?

      Career workshop (Lille)

    15. Tuesday 12th May at 07:00 PM
      Professional reorientation: What if I dare?

      Career workshop (Sophia-Antipolis)

    16. Friday 15th May at 06:30 PM
      Entrepreneurs event and visit to a soap workshop

      With a graduate, in the heart of a local Marseille soap institution

    17. Wednesday 27th May at 05:30 PM
      How to start a freelance business

      Online Career workshop