A fresh start for the SKEMA Alumni Singapore club

06 July 2020

At an informal meeting held on 26 June, the ambassadors of the SKEMA Alumni Singapore club all thanked their loyal and highly dedicated ambassador Christophe Altaie (SK 2004), who is taking up new responsibilities in other organisations. A club ambassador for the past 14 years, Christophe invested time and effort into organising some fifty events, both professional and social, with the alumni association.

SKEMA Alumni recognises Christophe’s exemplary commitment to developing the community and running the SKEMA network in Singapore. It is with some sadness that we close this chapter, even though we know that he will always remain close to the network. Christophe is great at connecting the community and took his role of ambassador very seriously, always ready and willing to welcome and advise students and alumni freshly arrived in Singapore.

A true networker, Christophe helped us over many years to build and expand the Singapore network, as well as unite the teams of ambassadors. As the group leader, he also innovated by organising events focusing on contemporary themes such as corporate social responsibility, ecology, new technologies, and more.

During the COVID-19 crisis we have been able to witness the Singapore club’s reactivity and capacity for innovation, and to see how committed its ambassadors are to proposing events in a new, digital format (e-events): a live conference organised by Gildas Coldeboeuf with special guest Franck Seguin, head of photography at sports magazine L’Equipean e-business lunch with top executives from Accor and DFS, in partnership with French Grandes Ecoles Alumni; and a professional training e-event on "team engagement post-covid" organised by Marianne Wlassewitch. Given the great success of these events, we are rethinking our next events in Asia and the rest of the world.

You can learn more about Christophe and his background in this interview with SKEMA Alumni from last year.

“It is with a heavy heart, but also a feeling of having accomplished my mission, that I have decided to give up my place in the cockpit of our great SKEMA Alumni Singapore club. These past 14 years spent uniting our network here in our beautiful host country, first as CERAM and then SKEMA, was an honour that I had the good fortune of sharing with my wonderful successive teams of co-ambassadors and with the constant support of the “mothership”. I feel it is time for me to pass on the torch and channel my energy into other projects, but I will of course remain an active member of the great SKEMA Alumni family. Thank you Marion, Fred, Flo, Rosa, Kentia, Tristan, Marianne, Gildas, Sophie and of course Marielle, Audrey and Fabienne for your friendship, support and all the fantastic memories!”  Christophe Altaie

Of course, the club’s adventure continues with our other highly dedicated ambassadors, Marianne Wlassewitch (SK 2007), Sophie Bailly (SK 2015) and Gildas Coldeboeuf (SK 1993), who will be putting out a call for a new teammate. If interested, please contact Audrey Touyon.

Best of luck for the future, Christophe! And see you all soon for some new Singaporean adventures!


  SKEMA Alumni Singapore