Alice GUILHON's 2019 wishes !

10 January 2019

Dear graduates, the arrival of 2019 was celebrated on all continents with joy, good spirits and thousands of projects in the minds of SKEMA’s graduates.


The atmosphere in France remains marked by very lively social movements that may seem incomprehensible from elsewhere in the world. The fact remains that 2019 opens up a world full of opportunities and challenges that young graduates must seize and make their own. The world is your playground, a field of discovery and fertile ground for entrepreneurship.


For our school, and thanks to you, our committed graduates, 2019 will be marked by disruption in higher management education. SKEMA will celebrate its 10th anniversary in June 2019. This anniversary will be complemented by the launch of the school's third strategic plan: 2020-2025.


The first two strategic plans have enabled us: to successfully merge two well-established schools; to launch a new managerial culture based on standards of excellence, kindness, respect and innovation; to create the first multinational company in the field of education; to offer a truly global academic project; to innovate in our teaching, study methods and research (the launch of the SKEMA AI Global lab is a perfect example); to propose hybrid programmes (engineer-managers, art and management...); and to structure the school around project on three fundamental pillars of the knowledge economy: globalisation, innovation and digitalisation.


So are we going to be disruptive in 2019? Of course. But let's take it further. Our mission is to develop ready-to-work talent around the world. We want to train ethical and innovative managers with sought-after skills and relevant international experiences who understand geopolitical and strategic issues. In short, our mission is to develop the 21st century talent that companies and organisations will find valuable.  


This new page in SKEMA's history cannot be written without you. We regularly come to meet you all over the world with the support of our graduate ambassadors. Many of you are already enthusiastically participating in the SKEMA Odyssey. Our governance is composed of a majority of SKEMA graduates whom I thank for their commitment. More than ever, the school belongs to you.


This is why we must go further to carry out this project, to bridge the gap between a traditional teaching model and the SKEMA way of learning. With your help, the school will be able to implement the disruption that students, companies and society have been waiting for.


Here’s how: by the positive image of the school that you will carry; by the partnerships that you will establish with the various SKEMA campuses around the world; by the trust you have in us with the training of your employees at the school; by the massive financial support that you will give to the school so that it can continue to finance its growth in complete autonomy and independence in France, the United States, Asia and Latin America; by the support that you will give to our SKEMA Ventures programme, the only model of global entrepreneurship. Today's students want to be entrepreneurial. With SKEMA Ventures, SKEMA offers them the opportunity to dream up an idea in France, incubate it in Asia, accelerate it in America and expand all over the world. Believe me, these opportunities are incredible for the students but also for our graduates who can directly support the innovations of young creators while benefitting from the school's support in these projects.


We can only make the SKEMA Odyssey continue and flourish by working together.

In this new year, I wish you all health, happiness and success.

Thank you for your confidence,



Alice Guilhon

Dean of SKEMA Business School