Amsterdam, a personalised welcome!

25 November 2019

“Keep the network active in the Netherlands and particularly in Amsterdam. Welcome newcomers and share our experiences in this lovely, flat country.” That is the Club’s motto!

What wonderful approach put forward by the two new ambassadors, Victoria Vandromme (SK 2012) and Thibault Barabasch (SK 2014) at Brouwerij Troost on 20 November 2019. The event was an opportunity for a group of 12 alumni and students to chat about their career plans, make sure that those newly arrived in the summer were all settled in, share the latest French-Dutch anecdotes and discuss the plans for the network in Amsterdam. All of this while enjoying platters of local specialities.

Victoria and Thibault: "We were delighted about the presence of two students on their gap year, who really appreciated the opportunity to meet some alumni. In person, they were able to realise the power of the network. It’s also very enriching for the alumni to be able to get first-hand accounts from students on the life and current positioning of the school and about their career plans. In short, it’s a winning combo!"

To wrap up, let’s hear from the Amsterdam network directly: "I have a job opportunity to share; here it is", "Thank you for organising this! When is the next event? I don’t want to miss it", "Oh you’re looking for a job in this field? I’ll put you in direct contact with my company!" , "Have you seen SKEMA’s latest rankings?!  It’s unstoppable!" , "Lucky I completed my profile on the site before my gap year, otherwise I never would have known about this event."

We wish you a wonderful festive season and look forward to seeing you all again in 2020.

  SKEMA Alumni Netherlands