Behind the scenes of the Career Service: three questions for our coach Delphine Tariot (SK 1998)

19 May 2020

SKEMA Alumni’s Career Service relies on a network of more than 40 professional partners in France and abroad to run workshops and provide you with support. Career assessments, management coaching, job search tool optimisation, help with starting a business... we’ve surrounded ourselves with experts to meet your every need!

To help you get to know them better, each week we will ask a couple of these coaches three questions. Their profiles are varied so that we can offer you a broad range of skills and expertise.

Delphine Tariot (SK 1998), coach, facilitator, entrepreneur and associate director of Losfor/Im'pulsion, agreed to answer our questions.

Who are you? How would you define yourself professionally these days?

I’m a coach and entrepreneur. I share my time between two companies, one that I created, Im’pulsion, and another that I became a partner in recently, Losfor. I coach individuals and teams on the interpersonal level, in relationships and collaboration, and in navigating transformation and change.

What led you to become a coach/consultant? Tell us about your background?

After working in marketing and sales for ten years in some major companies (Vivendi, Orange, Hugo Boss), I decided to retrain. I was searching for more meaning in my work and looking to make better use of my listening and people skills. I completed a number of training courses, including a coaching certification over 3 years.

Who can contact you? To discuss what?

Company managers, for their own professional development or that of their teams.

A final word or some advice to share?

He who speaks sows; he who listens harvests” - Pythagoras

Delphine is available for remote sessions as part of SKEMA Alumni’s one-on-one coaching offering. Contact us for more information.