Behind the scenes of the Career Service: three questions for our coach Yseult Perilhou (SK 1992)

03 June 2020

SKEMA Alumni’s Career Service relies on a network of more than 40 professional partners in France and abroad to run workshops and provide you with support. Career assessments, management coaching, job search tool optimisation, help with starting a business... we’ve surrounded ourselves with experts to meet your every need!

To help you get to know them better, each week we will ask a couple of these coaches three questions. Their profiles are varied so that we can offer you a broad range of skills and expertise.

Yseult Perilhou (SK 1992), talent development & HR project management, agreed to answer these three questions.

Who are you? How would you define yourself professionally these days?

I steer and facilitate cooperation development within groups, particularly in the areas of cross-organisation innovation and skills development for achieving common goals: managing business networks, supporting governance teams, supporting and coordinating communities of practice, clusters and associations, resource sharing, hackathons, etc. In parallel, I work as a team coach using different tools (AI, practice analysis, supervision, co-development). Lastly, I train students in personal development to help them achieve their career goals.

Who are you? How would you define yourself professionally these days?

Mainly the desire to use my team facilitation know-how to serve a wider range of organisations focused on a common purpose.

Who can contact you? To discuss what?

Associations, SSE, entrepreneurs, executives and HR managers looking for support with their cooperation and collaborative innovation capacities.

A final word or some advice to share?

Some groups work wonders; others would like to and need a helping hand to get going or simply to keep up their collaborations and broaden their scope, or to align themselves with their common purposes. Sometimes too, a group can hit a wall collectively and at those times getting outside assistance for a different perspective can help. In any case, I am just a resource to activate to facilitate your capacities.

Yseult is available for remote sessions as part of SKEMA Alumni’s one-on-one coaching offering. Contact us for more information.