Wenxi CHEN (SK 2013) from Wuhan ranked Number2 in China Fashion Week Young Designer Base Programme

28 July 2020

After graduation from SKEMA MSc Luxury and Fashion Management programme in 2014, Wenxi CHEN launched the fashion brand CLEANFLOW in 2015 in China. It was not easy for this fashion designer from Wuhan to participate in China International Fashion Week in May 2020, a particular social distancing moment due to the Covid-19. Not only she needed to prepare 15 sets of designs for the show in 20 days, but also she was not able to come to her show named “Awareness” physically. Despite all these difficulties, Wenxi successfully draws the attention of the fashion industry in China: she won the second place in the 9th China International Fashion Week 10+3 SHOWROOM young designer's base programme! 


CLEANFLOW aims to explore the growth and return of oriental aesthetic interest in the modern context through smooth and simple design, natural and comfortable materials, exquisite craftsmanship, and build an ideal spiritual world in the refinement of daily wear. Regardless of the shape or the fabric, these 15 sets of CLEANFLOW series designs of Oriental Zen style maintain a close relationship with nature. Chen Wenxi shared with us her feelings at that time:

"After the baptism of the Covid-19 and the intensive preparation for my show at the fashion week, I suddenly understood more about my style and aesthetic preferences. A fierce emotional power emerged in front of me, which inspired me to re-examine my love for design."

To SKEMA students and alumni, she would like to address the following message to encourage them to overcome the difficulties:

"At this special moment, what's important is your own belief and how do you view the epidemic. For me, although it has brought a lot of negatives influence, it also pushes me to re-think about our business model and development: is the direction correct? Can we make more efforts? How can I survive and meet a brand new self while the entire industry is undergoing a major reshuffle? Etc.”

For more information, please contact CHEN Wenxi.