Launch of the mentorship programme!

15 March 2021

At this complex time when the job market is being turned upside down, SKEMA Business School wishes to give its students and alumni as much advice and support as possible. That is why, having launched Meet-ups, we are now launching the mentorship programme. A pilot phase for Financial Markets and Investments students was launched in early March and will end in June 2021. 

The mentorship programme is based on a voluntary and confidential interpersonal relationship between a student/young graduate and a more experienced SKEMA alumnus or alumna working in the same field.

To this end, we have created an easy-access online platform for connecting experienced alumni with students from the school.

Our goals:  

  • Improve employability and give future and new graduates easier access to the job market
  • Facilitate career transitions
  • Offer a new form of experience and expertise sharing based on connecting a mentor and a mentee
  • Reinforce and enrich career support, soft skills, knowledge of jobs/industries, through discussion and personalised follow-up with an alumnus or alumna in the same field
  • Help students and new graduates to get hired and to adopt a professional attitude and the behaviours expected in top institutions

Since this pilot phase started, we have received a lot of enquiries from alumni wanting to volunteer as mentors. Thank you for this enthusiastic and positive response. We will be getting back to you shortly to continue this adventure together. 


For more information:

Audrey Touyon - Network & Events Coordinator