Mentorship, sponsorship, meet-ups: new Career offerings in 2021!

18 January 2021

In 2020 we sent you a survey to find out your level of satisfaction and your expectations with regards to network activities, as well as how you might want to get more involved. Over 62% of you expressed a desire to give a talk on campus or to share your experience and expertise with the school’s students.

The SKEMA Alumni & Fundraising Career service has heard you and is pursuing its actions, which involves contributing to talent development, supporting projects, assisting with mobility, helping with career transitions or facilitating job searching. We are dedicated to advising you, guiding you and inspiring you in your career choices. That is why as this new year begins we are bringing you initiatives that will support your professional success in 2021. 

First of all, two unique programmes, in collaboration with the Talent & Careers teams, based on mutual help and solidarity between generations: the Mentorship & Sponsorship programmes and the Meet-ups.


A pilot Mentorship & Sponsorship campaign will be running in the first quarter of 2021 for students and alumni in financial markets initially and then will be extended to more people. For our students and alumni who are looking for work or transitioning in their career, this programme aims to facilitate their professional development (career advice, network building, help with workforce integration, soft skills development). It is based on a voluntary, free and confidential interpersonal relationship between a mentor, who is a SKEMA graduate, and a mentee. 


Meet-ups are intergenerational communities with a mix of students and alumni, where the aim is to share professional experience within an industry the attendees all have in common (finance, consulting...). The goal is to provide more professional support to students and increase their knowledge of different roles/sectors via exchanges with alumni working in that sector. 

We are going to need you to really get behind these ambitious, solidarity-based projects! The Alumni & Fundraising team will contact you soon as part of recruiting our sponsors, mentors, or meet-up buddies within the sectors concerned by these pilot phases (finance, auditing, etc.).

For more information, contact : Audrey Touyon (about Mentorship & Sponsorship campaign) et Charlène Malterre (about Meet-ups).