Out with the old: SKEMA Alumni has a new showcase page on Linkedin!

30 January 2020

If you’re one of the SKEMA Alumni profile’s 10,000 connections on Linkedin, it’s time to follow our new SKEMA Alumni showcase page, because in a few weeks the old profile will cease to exist.

Following our Linkedin page is a great way to keep up with the network’s news: career opportunities, conferences and talks, alumni bios, new appointments, articles, get-togethers, events and much more! So why wait? Start sharing and networking on Linkedin, the leading social networking site for business people and professionals.

You can also join location- and industry-specific groups such as the entrepreneurs' club, the finance club, the digital club, the luxe club, the Paris club, the Lille club and the Sophia Antipolis club. Discuss, catch up with people, get or give advice, share…

Don’t wait, join the SKEMA Alumni Linkedin community and make the most of all the experience available in your school’s alumni network.