Parity & Performance

08 July 2021

Because gender parity and the place of women are hot topics in the private equity world, France Invest and SKEMA Business School have designed specific training courses to attract more women to the sector and smash the glass ceiling.

“To effect change and give women more confidence, we need to work hard to deconstruct the gender stereotypes both men and women hold about the place of women in the private equity world. Having more women in the industry and progressing towards gender diversity and parity will undoubtedly help bring positive change to professional practices and ensure the sector does not restrict its talent pool,” says Stephanie Chasserio, Professor of Management and co-holder of the Women in Business Chair at SKEMA Business School.

Three training courses and a series of masterclasses and workshops on the themes of gender parity and performance have now been introduced.

Course 1: Women on boards
Course 2: Assertiveness and female leadership
Course 3: Women and men working together to effect change


Women on boards

For women who hold a governance role or aspire to do so. Coupled with the “Directors: how to put in place a value-creating governance” module, this course focuses primarily on soft skills:

👉 overcoming gender biases and developing an awareness of one’s legitimacy,
👉 developing the ability to influence,
👉 developing assertiveness,
👉 acting with impact in governance bodies,
👉 developing a personal brand…

Teaching methods centre on role plays, collective intelligence and peer learning. This programme is based on experiential learning and includes a masterclass during which the theme of gender parity is explored through the lens of performance.


Assertiveness and female leadership

For women looking to develop their assertiveness and leadership by focusing on their soft skills:

👉 understanding gender biases to overcome them,
👉 developing an awareness of one’s legitimacy,
👉 communicating assertively and managing difficult situations,
👉 developing the ability to influence and behaving like a leader.

This course centres on role plays and is based on experiential learning. It includes a masterclass during which Professor Ferrary will explore the theme of gender parity through performance.


Women and men working together to effect change

To bring women and men together in pursuit of gender parity and make them realise how much remains to be done at all levels (individually and collectively).
The course is based on an experiential approach with role plays and real-life scenarios, and will include a masterclass.
The goal? Build cohesion and drive change.


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