SKEMA Graduation Show: a unique event shaped by virtual reality

29 June 2021

The challenge was tough due to the health crisis, but SKEMA Business School took it up! The first ever online graduation show, organised on June 12, aroused the interest of students and their parents, with a massive number of connections.

Imagine thousands of students on five continents, in 95 countries, discovering the contents of a box sent by their business school. Inside, a graduation cap and their precious degree. To end the year on a high note, SKEMA wanted to congratulate its graduates through an event entirely produced in virtual reality.

For the occasion, Alice Guilhon, SKEMA's Executive President and Dean, and Patrice Houdayer, Director of Programmes, International and Student Life, spoke from a virtual tower's rooftop in the fictional city of "SKEMAPOLIS", during bilingual broadcasts worthy of a television show. 

The cumulative audience was around 15,000 people in total for the three broadcasts, an impressive number for a show. On the screens, despite the physical distance, one could sense the palpable excitement of the students and their family members. 


Lively social networks

On Twitter, the show was widely commented on, with 400 uses of the show's official hashtag "#SKEMA2021", 1,500 interactions and 1,000 likes. On Instagram, the show made a splash with an average of 3,000 views of the stories and 6,000 accounts reached by each post. 

On live chat, the audience was very vocal, with around 1,000 messages sent during the day. On LinkedIn, many students praised the "exceptional" and "unique" show, all the while proudly displaying their diploma, with the graduation cap on their head (more than 3,000 caps were sent all over the world). This remarkable and engaged audience is a great reward for the work of the internal marketing and communications teams!


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