SKEMA’s new strategic plan for 2020-2025: ‘SKY25’

31 January 2020

After extensive consultation with stakeholders — students, alumni, companies and employees — SKEMA has announced a new strategic plan that is both ambitious and disruptive. This new roadmap called ‘SKY25’ was presented at a staff meeting on January 22 and during a press conference led by Alice Guilhon, Dean of SKEMA, on January 23.

The three axes that structure this plan will guide the development of the school during the next five years:

Axis 1: Become The Avant-Garde School: SKEMA’s innovative education model will facilitate better understanding of the expectations of students and companies. By experimenting, anticipating and being disruptive, the school will plan and deploy its mission. To achieve this, SKEMA will:

  • Develop a ‘proprietary’ educational model, the SKEMA Way of Learning (SKWol)
  • Become a ‘comprehensive’ institution by opening three new schools: SKEMA AI School for Business in Raleigh (United States), SKEMA Law School for Business in Belo Horizonte (Brazil) and SKEMA Design School for Business in France.
  • Create value through increased intelligence using the "SKEMA Advisory with AI" system.

SKEMA, The Avant-Garde School, as seen by Florencio Lopez de Silanes, professor and associate dean, strategic academic research:


Axis 2: Establish itself as The Impacful Player: SKEMA seeks to make students and learners “owners” of their own journey, of the transitions to be made to shape the environment in which they evolve; also, to guide them in their professional and personal journey while inculcating in them a civic vision. To achieve this, the school will rely on three dimensions:

  • 100% hybridisation of programmes and specialisations to challenge complexity.
  • Research enhancement systems to create value: creation of the Fintech Institute, and the Ethics and CSR Institute.
  • Awareness and contemplation on societal impact by involving managers and students. SKEMA will create a Think Tank dedicated to questions based on strategy and influence. The SKEMA Social Ventures Lab, within SKEMA Ventures, will incubate and finance student projects with a strong social impact.

SKEMA, The Impactful Player, as envisioned by Bernard Sinclair-Desgagné, professor-researcher in economy and CSR:


  • Axis 3: Position itself as The Glocal Institution: In line with its successful global strategy, SKEMA is embarking on a decisive transformation of its organisation, institutional framework and infrastructure, as well as of the professions, tools and cultures of work and learning to support the school’s education and research model in an integrated and sustainable way. Three actions will be implemented to achieve this:

    • The opening of new campuses - regional hubs. SKEMA’s future locations will extend to India, Russia and Australia.
    • Transformation of the organisation to guarantee its sustainability and agility, which will mobilise all employees and stakeholders.
    • Deployment of the ‘Education for Societies’ initiative, in partnership with other major academic institutions such as the Fundaçào Dom Cabral (FDC-Brazil), to establish SKEMA as the pioneer global institution of higher education and research.

SKEMA, The Glocal Institution, as viewed by Raluca Sandu, associate dean, Globalisation Academy: