SPOTTED IN THE PRESS: Maxime Buhler & Samuel Carré (SKEMA 2018), Co-founders of Pokawa

06 October 2021

Pokawa continues to grow. The young restaurant chain serving up poke bowls is unaffected by the crisis. Its turnover increased by more than 70% in 2020. Here’s a rundown of the press coverage the SKEMA Class of 2018’s Maxime Buhler and Samuel Carré (SKEMA 2018) got in 2021 (all articles in French). 

- "Pokawa poursuit son essor" (Pokawa continues to grow) - Les Echos Études

- "Restauration : Pokawa, roi du poké bowl, accélère ses ouvertures" (Catering industry: Pokawa, the poke bowl king, steps up new openings) - Les Echos 

- "Maxime Buhler et Samuel Carré, histoire d’une success story inspirante ( Pokawa )" - (Maxime Buhler and Samuel Carré, an inspiring success story with Pokawa) - Boubouteatime Journal

- "Noholita, Clara Marz... elles aiment Pokawa, la marque spécialisée dans les pokés" (Noholita, Clara Marz... they love Pokawa, the poke bowl specialists) - Melty

- "Ouverture et développement d'une franchise : les conseils de Maxime de Pokawa" (Opening and developing a new franchise: advice from Pokawa co-founder, Maxime) - frenchdoers.

"Le FD9 de Maxime Buhler fondateur de Pokawa (sa plus grosse dépense, succès, échec,etc.)" (Nine questions to Pokawa founder Maxime Buhler) - frenchdoers.

- "De 0 à 45 restaurants en 4 ans avec Maxime Buhler de Pokawa 🍍 (From 0 to 45 restaurants in 4 years with Maxime Buhler from Pokawa) - FD#4" - frenchdoers.