The Belgium Club get together for a zythology event

26 March 2020

Some fifteen alumni got together on 10 March 2020 in an emblematic brewery in Brussels, Le Cheval Marin, a place loaded with history. Greeted at the venue by our alumni-ambassadors, Gery Lesaffre (SK 1987) and Juliette Arpin (SK 2018), the participants enjoyed this intergenerational event punctuated by a highly convivial beer tasting (zythology) session that got everyone interacting.

"We met Magali De Vinck, an excellent and charismatic zythologist (beer specialist) who put our taste buds to work with a blind tasting session involving several Belgian beers. We each tasted the beers and then, over dinner, got to know the other participants better and caught up with those we hadn’t seen since our SKEMA days."

Olivier Dufour (SK 2001), President of SKEMA Alumni and Executive Director Belgium at Page Personnel, shared his expert knowledge of the Belgian job market with all who attended, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

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