[Video] Interview - Alice André (SKEMA 2019), founder of Colette Consulting

29 June 2021

Alice André, a young entrepreneur and a graduate of the Class of 2019, has successfully bounced back after the lockdown! Just a few days before she was due to close the deal on her first restaurant, Alice was hit with the arrival of COVID-19 and the sudden halt of the economy. Having freshly graduated from a Master’s in Entrepreneurship at SKEMA Business School, it was impossible for Alice, an entrepreneur at heart, to even contemplate employment.

Driven by her passion for marketing and digital communication, Alice managed to keep her initial project alive before it was even created, thanks to very active and effective communication on social media. One thing led to another and in the summer of 2020 she decided to make these skills her core business by starting Colette Consulting.

Learn more about Alice in this video interview by SKEMA Alumni: 




"SKEMA brought me its network and gave me the credibility I needed to get my project off the ground." - Alice André