[Video] Interview - Guney Degerli (SKEMA 2013) & Damien Suppa (SKEMA 2012), co-founders of Basil

25 April 2021

Guney Degerli (SKEMA 2013) & Damien Suppa (SKEMA 2012) founded Basil in 2017 in Marseille. The company now employs thirty people across six cities in the south of France. Guney and Damien decided to leave their full-time jobs and make the leap into entrepreneurship, to make healthy eating accessible in the workplace. Think of Basil as an online canteen or cafeteria. Their mission: to support companies by simplifying the daily lives of their employees through an easy and efficient 100% online experience on their website and mobile app

Basil in figures: 
- €2 million raised in 2019 
- 100% growth year on year since its inception 
- 30 employees 
- presence in 6 cities in France
- more than 24,000 meals donated to charities since its inception, showing great solidarity 

Learn more about Guney and Damien in this video interview by SKEMA Alumni as they talk about their journey so far and their memories of SKEMA: 



"SKEMA gave me the network to launch Basil and that is one of the most important things for an entrepreneur." - Damien Suppa