5 étapes pour identifier vos clients aux USA

Comment conquérir les clients américains

 Nous vous proposons ce webinar organisé par Sophie Lechner, Founder & CEO, Global Commerce Education, Inc.



You might already have sales in other countries, but you know the US would open the door to a whole new level of growth. 
And even if you have a few US clients who came to you, the question now is:

"How will I find clients in the US?"
"What steps should I take to identify, approach and win over US clients?"

Two experienced professionals have combined their expertise to bring you the answer to these questions:

- a sales specialist with over 40 years of business development experience in the US​                     
- a US market entry expert with over 30 years of global strategy and marketing experience

They have distilled their experience into a 5 Step Process to gain your first US clients.

In this free live online training, you will learn:

- The surprising first thing you must do before you even think of making your first sale.- An overlooked method to gain your first American clients fast and make them your champions.
- Why you shouldn't spend time perfecting your pitch (and what you should do instead).
- How to build a strong foundation to ensure your long term success in the US market.

You will leave this webinar with a clear path to winning your first US clients.​

Jeudi 22 octobre 2020
18h00 - 19h00 (GMT +1)
L'événement est organisé en ligne


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