Are you currently employed and wondering about your future? 

Are you actively job hunting?

Are you thinking about a shift in directions, changing jobs internally, externally or a relocation?

Are you wanting to start your own business?
Are you a manager looking to unleash your full potential, improve your managerial skills or take a step back to assess your situation? 

To boost your career, we give you access to personalised support. We offer:

A free IN-DEPTH INTERVIEW with the Careers Manager

The aim of this one-hour appointment (face to face, over the phone or via Skype) is to analyse your work history so far, assess your current situation and draw up a personalised action plan.
Different topics can be discussed: your career, communication tools, actions, etc.

Whether you’re in France or abroad, to book a session simply contact the Career service.

Then, if you’d like further assistance with deciding on a career path or implementing your action plan, we will put you in touch with our partner consultants for access to our COACHING PACKAGES.

We have packages available for every situation:

1C | Current situation, future plans: validate your plan(s) in relation to your experience
2C | Tools (CV, cover letter, email)
3C | Image, social media and networking: getting the most out of your networks, social media, and job boards
4C | Job interviews (recruiter questions or role-play)
5C | Know yourself better: decide what issues you’d like to discuss or discover some tools (MBTI, Strong, Disc, Process Com, etc.)

MANAGER packages
1M | The first 100 days: stepping into your new role: setting goals, establishing priorities, negotiating the scope of your duties, finding allies
2M | Full personal assessment and action plan: review your current situation, your strong points, where your skills lie, and any areas for improvement. Decide on short-, medium- and long-term actions
3M | Leadership and team management: how to assert your position as the leader of your team; identifying and using levers for motivation; conflict management; preparing performance appraisals
4M | Change management: how to deal with the transition phases that occur with changes such as a merger/acquisition, a new team composition, new projects or business activities
5M | A la carte: you decide what issues and obstacles you’d like to discuss (business strategy, management committee, leadership and diversity, etc.)


1E | Do I have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Assessment of progress on the project: ask yourself the right questions with a realistic idea of what lies ahead, clarify the steps, ensure you have the motivation
2E | Project and business model validation: go through the different steps to determine what you need to work on as a priority
3E | Establish your action plan
4E | Stay on track: discuss your choice of one or several issues you’re having with your business development

1 package = 1 two-hour session
Possibility of remote follow-up (by phone or Skype)

> Price for paying members: 1 package = €300 €40 / 3 packages = €900 €100
> Price for non-paying members: 1 package = €300 €80 / 3 packages = €900 €200

 You’d like to take advantage of our one-to-one coaching offer? Contact us!