QS World University Rankings 2021: great performances for SKEMA programmes
QS World University Rankings 2021:... QS has just released its annual World University...
25 September 2020
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Vipul Kumar Choudhary (SK 2019): “Interculturality is at the heart of SKEMA”
Vipul Kumar Choudhary (SK 2019):...Originating from India, Vipul chose to leave his...
21 September 2020
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Maxime Parra (SK 2015) - “A career as an entrepreneur in finance”
Maxime Parra (SK 2015) - “A career...It was while studying at SKEMA that Maxime Parra,...
03 September 2020
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SKEMA United solidarity fund reaches €100,000 mark!
SKEMA United solidarity fund... “While the return to classes this year is...
02 September 2020
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A closer connection to the SKEMA network with your new alumni mobile app
A closer connection to the SKEMA...The new version of the SKEMA Alumni mobile app has...
01 September 2020
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SKEMA strengthens its position in China by creating a joint school with Nanjing University and a master’s degree with Xian’Jiaotong University
SKEMA strengthens its position in... SKEMA Business School has just signed two new...
29 August 2020
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Roxane Blanc and Yoann Kergal (SK 2016): from digital marketing to travel blogging
Roxane Blanc and Yoann Kergal (SK...Roxane and Yoann met at SKEMA. Both graduates of...
28 August 2020
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