Workshops & webinars

Are you looking to develop your skills?

The Careers Department supports you in your professional development by offering collective workshops and webinars,

on-campus and online, in French or English.

Also, if you're interested in leading workshops or webinars, don't hesitate to contact your Careers Manager (



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    1. Thursday 20 june at 12:00
      Global Perspectives: Understanding French and Chinese Workplace Cultures

      Professional Development Webinar This event will be in English   In an increasingly globalized business world, understanding cultural differences is essential to fostering effective...

    2. Thursday 04 july at 12:00
      Webinaire : Comment réseauter pour créer des opportunités professionnelles

      Cet événement est fait pour vous si vous êtes manager/dirigeant ou vous aspirez à le devenir ; vous avez le besoin de réseauter mais vous ne savez pas...