Human Ressources Management

Human Ressources Management


The Human Ressources Management Professional Club aims at facilitating exchange views between peers of this  field/industry and providing network opportunities between SKEMA graduates, through professional and exclusive encounters.  


A common sense of belonging to our school conjugated with a shared field of expertise shall facilitate connections and drive members of your Club to help one another as well as share with each other. 


Objectives :  

     - The club coordinator : He plans and runs conferences, round-tables with the support of the Association permanent team, controls access to the club, sends out communication/articles/information to its members.

     - The speakers : They are recruited based on their field of expertise to tackle and share on the theoretical aspects (i.e. professors, university researchers); they confide their work experience to the group and share business practices (professionals).

     - The club members : They show a real interest for the club area of expertise and participate actively in the events program. They facilitate communications between clubs and the solidarity between its members.


Three to four events/conferences per club per year would be planned.
Club members will define and select topics they wish to discuss with the Coordinator.
The clubs are open to all SKEMA graduates and can be joined at any time !