An exceptional employment rate for our recent graduates!

17 December 2018

The preliminary results of the workforce integration survey targeting graduates of the Class of 2017 are now online! Thanks to the many who answered the survey: these indicators enable SKEMA to progress in the various rankings and contribute to raising the reputation of the school and your degree.

Discover the infographics for the PGE and BBA programmes (click on the links): position, net employment rate, average yearly salary, place of work, fields, top employers... for the Class of 2017! 

You’ll find the infographics for each of the school’s programmes on the SKEMA BS Corporate page


You graduated from an MS or MSc programme in 2016, 2017 or 2018? Keep an eye on your inbox because you might be contacted soon as part of the 26th survey on the workforce integration of new graduates, conducted by theConférence des Grandes Ecoles.
We’re counting on you!



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