Create your own universe! Aumare Javed (SK 2013)

25 March 2020

Aumare Javed (SK 2013), founder of Caansoft, an IT services company in Paris, tells us how in an interview with SKEMA Alumni. He agreed to share some details with us about his daily life as a founder/CEO.

Tell us about your background. How did your career start once you’d graduated from SKEMA?
I did my final internship at a well-known digital services company and during that time I develop a strong interest in the digital world. My main responsibility was to build the business model and the earnings forecast for a product the company was developing in house. The challenges of the IT development world, the subtleties and the speed of action caught my attention. The opportunity to meet an investor also presented itself. That was another interesting aspect. That’s how I decided to start my own mobile development business right after leaving SKEMA.

What made you want to start your own business?
I’d always wanted to create a “universe” with my own rules. To be the leader of this world I had built. Following orders handed down by someone else just wasn’t for me. I wanted to be my own boss and achieve goals I had willingly set for myself. My ambition was to build my own dynamic team, give them instructions, sure, but also teach them an art of working guided by determination, customer satisfaction and passion for one’s work. There is no limit to ambition and ideas in entrepreneurship and that’s what appeals to me.

What kinds of products/services does Caansoft offer?
Caansoft is a digital services company specialising in the development of custom office, web and mobile applications. When someone has an idea or venture they’re looking to develop, Caansoft can offer consulting services to bring their ideas to life. Drawing on its know-how and expertise in the programming languages Python, Java and PHP, Caansoft has simplified the daily lives of millions of users thanks to the products developed for its clients.

What makes Caansoft different to other companies offering IT services?
Caansoft is committed to providing full-service support to project initiators at highly attractive prices, while taking into account any financial constraints involved. Today, Caansoft works with an agile method and positions itself as a multidisciplinary company with a large and varied client portfolio.

What is a typical day like for the CEO of a service company?
A typical day at Caansoft goes like this:
- Check the work down by the teams on the previous day
- Meet with the teams to give them the day’s instructions and targets
- Several tests and discussions with the client and the teams
- Lunch with client or team lunch
- Project specifications
- Networking event

How could SKEMA’s alumni network help you develop Caansoft?
Today, SKEMA Alumni includes high-level profiles and has an interesting cohesion. Events are held frequently and are an opportunity to forge ties with other alumni. So the SKEMA network can help me to make contacts and potentially find strategic partners or people who need help with their projects.

What is your favourite memory of your days at SKEMA?
I have many great memories of my years spent at SKEMA, but the most important one to me will always be holding my diploma in front of my family and friends.

A word of advice for SKEMA students and/or alumni who want to become entrepreneurs?
Dare to create your own universe.


Contact: Aumare Javed (SK 2013), Founder & CEO of Caansoft