Meet-up and mentoring programmes in 2021-2022 - the adventure continues!

21 July 2021 Career

SKEMA Alumni & Fundraising offers a number of services to help you find your first job or to support career transitions. Last year we added two new programmes to our offering to help our students and alumni succeed and more easily integrate the workforce: mentoring and meet-ups. After a successful pilot phase, these programmes will be available to a wider public from September 2021. We warmly thank all the alumni and students who agreed to take part in the pilot programmes. You will find some of their testimonials at the end of this article. 


What is mentoring?

The Mentoring programme aims to promote professional development (career advice, network building, help with workforce integration...) through advice, support and 1:1 discussions. A pilot phase was rolled out to a target group of finance students (Financial Markets and Investments) between March and June 2021, according to 2 scenarios simultaneously deploying a matching offer, via the NetAnswer tool, and a bespoke offer (candidate selection, communication, matching, training and personalised follow-up by the Talents & Career and Alumni team). For 2021-2022, this new mentoring offer will be available to students from other degree courses; we will let you know which ones in September.

Want to join the programme as a mentor? Contact Audrey Touyon - Network & Events Coordinator



What is the Meet-ups programme?

This programme allows a group of committed individuals (alumni and students) to come together voluntarily to learn off one another and share their knowledge and experience. The meet-ups aim to provide students with advice and inspiration to guide their thinking about their future career, by drawing on the expertise of SKEMA graduates and alumni of the programme while encouraging exchanges and interactions. These meet-ups are an opportunity for students to discover new professions.

Last year, we created two pilot meet-ups: finance and consulting. The goal this year is to extend them and create other communities around themes such as luxury and CSR.

Want to attend the finance, consulting, CSR or luxury meet-ups? Contact Charlène Malterre – Head of Career Development 




"Sharing my experience and giving students the keys to gain a good understanding of my profession” - Peupedje Mendy (SKEMA 2017), a consulting meet-up participant


"I participated with the aim of helping future graduates with their career choice. The topics were interesting because we all had different jobs, so students could discover different branches. I even learned some things" - Roxane Raibaut (SKEMA 2018), finance meet-up participant


“It’s a very useful program, I think it’s key to have different points of view to think about our careers. It’s very hard sometimes to find advice from our own network so it’s a good thing that SKEMA is helping link us together in order to grow this network. I think it makes sense to give back to the school and that is a way of doing it. Also I was lucky to meet with mentors during my career and I think it’s key. So I’m happy if I can help a bit at my level as well.” - Emeric Laskar (SKEMA 2012), mentor


"This programme is very useful. Mentoring brings real value to the students, who get the chance to talk with and get advice from people who are willing to share their knowledge. From a professional point of view, this direct contact with a person working in the industry or the field the students are considering provides them with support that is very useful for getting the best possible internships. The network determines students’ professional opportunities; developing this contact between alumni and students is the best way to raise the school’s profile and increase its prestige." - Emma Monteil (student), mentee