Monpetitbikini startup raising one million euros in capital

03 July 2020

By turning to the Sowefund-SKEMA Business School partnership that aims to support and assist entrepreneurs looking for financing, Monpetitbikini, founded by Audrey Lieutaud (SK 2007), is looking to raise one million euros from retail investors.

Monpetitbikini, the first DNVB in France to specialise in swimwear

Consumer behaviours have radically changed over the last few years: a growing portion of purchases are now made online, particularly in the textile sphere, and consumers are increasingly buying based on recommendations from family, friends or influencers. The emergence and success of Digital Native Vertical Brands (DNVB) like Sezane (high-end ready-to-wear fashion), Ysé & Lemon Curve (lingerie) or Lou Yetu (jewellery), confirm this trend. Monpetitbikini is the first DNVB in France to specialise in swimwear.

Established in 2010 by Audrey Lieutaud (SK 2007), Monpetitbikini began its adventure as a multi-brand marketplace. This first line of business carved its reputation and built the brand a loyal following. This prompted its founded to create her own line of swimwear in 2015.

It was a hit: over 100,000 pieces were sold, representing 2.2 million euros in total sales (€700K in 2019). Monpetitbikini has also successfully won the trust of influencers, important levers for the brand’s development, notably with the creation of exclusive capsule collections with some of them (Noholita, Ines Duhard, Meryl Suissa, Babyatoutprix).

A winning pivot, the successes confirm the model

Monpetitbikini continued its pivot with the development of new products that enable the brand to counteract the seasonality of its core line of business. In winter 2019, the brand launched a first collection of pyjamas. It was a resounding success: the marketing launch was followed by over 8 million people on social media and the stock sold out in just a few days. The goal now is to become the benchmark brand in textile products for which there is currently a limited offering (ski suits, homewear, etc.).

These successes prompted the company to test a new omnichannel sales strategy with the opening of brick-and-mortar retail outlets. The first pop-up stores that opened attracted loyal customers and Monpetitbikini inaugurated its first boutique in the south of France. This first shop makes several tens of thousands of euros in sales each month − quite an achievement considering it only opened a few months ago.

The company’s next challenge will be to offer eco-friendly collections. Monpetitbikini is making a strong commitment in this area and has already found the suppliers that will shortly enable the brand to sell pieces made entirely from recycled fabrics.

Today Monpetitbikini is raising €1m to:

- Open some new shops

- Recruit some new employees (design, marketing and in-store sales)

- Add new products to the brand’s offering

- Invest in ambitious marketing campaigns to make an even bigger name for the brand


3 reasons to invest in Monpetitbikini:

#1 - A model that has already proven its profitability online and whose good results in brick-and-mortar stores indicate that the brand has a great potential for growth.

#2 - The promising ambition of offering products for which there is currently a limited offering on the market. The successful launch of the first collection of pyjamas confirms that the customer base is interested in this type of product.

#3 - A strong commitment to eco-friendliness with the upcoming launch of swimsuits made from 100% recycled fabrics, a first for a brand of this size.


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Monpetitbikini, a SKEMA Ventures project

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