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Becoming a member

All graduates of ex-ESC Lille and CERAM may become lifetime members of SKEMA Alumni by paying a one-time membership fee of €250.

All SKEMA Business School students who pay the association’s membership fee when paying their course fees become lifetime members as soon as they enter SKEMA.

You can become a member, clicking on this link, when connected to your account.

As a lifetime member, you can benefit fully from all the services SKEMA Alumni offers:
- Access to the online alumni directory
- To employment opportunities
- To SKEMA Alumni Performances services
- And you can enjoy special discounts on events.



List SKEMA Business School in the Education section of your Linkedin profile


Taking a minute today to feature SKEMA Business School in your Linkedin profile and then, later on, in other places such as: the “University” section of your Facebook profile, your CV (paper version and online), your company bio, your press interviews… contributes to building up the school’s reputation and highlighting the exceptional careers of SKEMA alumni!


Pre-requisite: You must have a Linkedin account

Steps to follow: In the Education section, add or edit your school’s name to “SKEMA Business School”, taking care to select the “SKEMA Business School” account (white SK logo on a coral background) that appears in the dropdown menu when you type in the first letters. If you did this successfully, the described logo should appear in your Education section as per the example below:


Using the directory

All lifetime members have access to the online directory. We no longer print a paper version of this directory, as the information it contains requires constant updating.

You can search by a number of criteria (country, industry, role, year of graduation) and contact our alumni directly.

Contacting an alumni

By email:
• Email is the preferred contact method! Contact the alumni via their professional email address (avoid using their personal details for your first contact).
• Ask yourself what you’re expecting from the alumni as a result of your email.
Advice on applying for an existing opportunity in their company? The name of a person to contact in HR with an unsolicited job application? Information about the company’s values?
• Personalise your request according to who the alumni is, what position they occupy, the company they work for, how long they’ve been there, where they come from. Ask them questions about their background, how they got to their current position, what advice they can give you to succeed in their industry, what mistakes to avoid. If you show an interest in them, they, in turn, will take more of an interest in you.
• Write your message/CV in the business language of the country where the alumni is living (in English for all English-speaking countries). This will make it easier for them to forward on your request.
• No mass emailing! This is not productive.
• Remember: network = opportunities. You need to target the right alumni, have a clear goal, and ask relevant questions.

By phone or Skype:
Do not call the alumni directly without emailing them first.
Arrange a time and prepare for the phone/Skype meeting.

Our events

SKEMA Alumni organises some one hundred professional/business, social, cultural and sports events in France and abroad each year.

Lifetime members attend these events at a discounted price.

The online payment system to register for an event is secure. Payments are in the country’s currency with no extra charges.

Alumni may often bring external guests, such as a spouse or colleague, but they must register these when registering themselves.
SKEMA Alumni supports the organisation of class reunions, but no longer systematically organises these each year. If you’d like to organise a class reunion, contact diplomes@skema.edu to find out the process.



 Get involved in the network!




Become the ambassador of a location-specific club in a city or country

With over 20% of our alumni based abroad (that’s more than 8,000 alumni) in 140 countries, SKEMA Alumni contributes to building up the school’s reputation around the world. 
Through its alumni-ambassadors, SKEMA Alumni facilitates the integration of SKEMA’s alumni and students outside of France. The ambassadors are representatives of the alumni association in France and abroad. They help to welcome new arrivals (students and alumni), facilitate their integration in the country and within the local SKEMA community, and suggest venues and innovative event concepts to bring together the network’s members.

Today there are some thirty active clubs in major cities in France and abroad.

See the list of clubs


Join or help run an industry-specific club

Our industry-specific clubs aim to develop and bring together a community alumni working in a same field or industry, around events during which they can give each other advice, chat, put each other in touch with new contacts, and share experiences and expertise in a friendly, supportive environment. These clubs are wonderful opportunities to grow your network, discuss practices, meet experts, or even recruit. 
SKEMA Alumni now has 6 industry-specific clubs: Digital, Entrepreneurs, Finance, Luxury, Project Management, and HR.

See the list of clubs


Share your experience and support SKEMA’s development

Every one of us can get involved and contribute something: some alumni participate in SKEMA Business School’s future plans by actively being part of one or several governance bodies, others share their experience during conferences or talks on our campuses or as part of mentoring programmes, and others still play an active role in fundraising campaigns conducted through the school’s foundations (SKEMA Giving https://www.skema-bs.fr/mecenat).


Recruit SKEMA profiles

Remember to share your employment opportunities with the network!
Did you know? Job opportunities submitted by our alumni get viewed 10 times more than any others.

If you wish to recruit a SKEMA student or graduate:

- submit your employment opportunity

- submit your internship opportunity

 The Alumni Careers Service is at your disposal for further information, by telephone on 01 41 16 74 57 or by email at career.alumni@skema.edu



Collecting your diploma

You haven’t yet collected your diploma? Or you wish to obtain a copy or a duplicate? Email your request to registraire@skema.edu. Specify the programme you completed, your year of graduation, your full mailing address, and include a copy of your ID.