A look back at the SKEMA Social Ventures Summit

10 May 2021

This first edition of the SKEMA Ventures Summit was organised with strong support from different SKEMA teams: Marketing & Communications, Alumni and Fundraising, Transformation and Digital and, of course, SKEMA Ventures. The collective effort made it a success, with around 800 registrations, over 1,000 interactions and messages throughout the day, and over 200 contacts made via the virtual stands.

Students, entrepreneurs, committed business leaders, professors, and experts in social entrepreneurship talked with participants online (with a steady audience of over 300 people and nearly 600 at the peak time) about the progress made in achieving sustainable development goals and the best practices for creating and developing entrepreneurial projects with a sound impact.
The speakers included Jean-Philippe Courtois, executive vice president and president of global sales, marketing and operations at Microsoft, president and co-founder of the Live For Good association, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SKEMA and an alumnus (1983); Alice Guilhon, dean and executive president of SKEMA; Florence Oulès, head of mission, inclusive development & SSE, IDF Region; Sébastien Malod, vice-president, Réseau Entreprendre; Jean-Pierre Blanc, director of Malongo; Christophe Conceicao, head of operations at Live for Good; Guillaume Boudy, mayor of Suresnes, and many others.

Thank you to all the alumni who participated in the conferences, round tables, workshops, pitch sessions:  (SKEMA 2017) from WibesThéo Rouilly 🤖⚡️  (SKEMA 2019) from Nono by ChargeMeBaudouin EcoTree (SKEMA 2009) from EcoTree FranceRomain Masina (SKEMA 2015) from Odysway, Candice LEMONNIER (SKEMA 2018) from In Pakt, Taha Echouaibi (SKEMA 2020) from CleasyMarjorie Soria (SKEMA 2013) from BareayaChristelle de Châlus (SKEMA 2004) d’ensèmeJules Colin (SKEMA 2020) from Botcup, Quentin Ory (SKEMA 2016from Les Mini MondesAlaude Lefebvre (SKEMA 2019) from SublimeursGregoire Maurice (SKEMA 2002) from Green Griot, Antoine Ducos (SKEMA 1987) from APO FrancePierre-Antoine Dusoulier (SKEMA 2002) from iBanFirstAlexandre Bonneau (SKEMA 2020) from AFROTO, Anne-Sophie Fontaine (SKEMA 1988), Chief Sustainable Officer & Corporate Communication at Bonduelle.


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The SKEMA Social Ventures Summit was supported by 17 partners: