The 2024 apprenticeship tax

20 March 2024 School

In just a few weeks, the 2024 apprenticeship tax (taxe d'apprentissage) collection campaign will begin, aimed at companies. SKEMA Business School is calling on its alumni to support its innovative projects by allocating the balance of their apprenticeship tax to the school.


The “taxe d'apprentissage”, or apprenticeship tax, is a tax paid by all companies operating in France, to help finance apprenticeships and technological and vocational training. As a SKEMA alum, you may have sway or decision-making authority within your company.


Why choose SKEMA Business School for your company's apprenticeship tax?


In a constantly changing world, SKEMA Business School has positioned itself as an impactful player. In 2024, our institution continues to stand out for its innovative approaches to teaching, aimed at effectively preparing young talent for our modern-day economic, societal and environmental challenges.


By choosing to allocate the balance of your taxe d’apprentissage to SKEMA, you will be helping to:

  • Fund our positive-impact initiatives, through the development of SKEMA Transitions and its 3D plan (Diversity, Decarbonation and Digital & Data for Good) aimed in particular at strengthening the development of actions to increase awareness of the Transitions (frescoes, workshops, conferences, etc.).
  • Develop innovative teaching methods supported by artificial intelligence, such as collective intelligence platforms, augmented or virtual reality devices, and generative AI tools, in order to develop our teaching approaches by integrating cross-disciplinary skills that are complementary to management.
  • Support the KARE initiative, whose 2024 objective is to support social openness. This initiative is dedicated to providing students with psychological support and improving their well-being. KARE is the point of contact for students with disabilities who require specific assistance and accommodations.
  • Raise employee and student awareness of the ethical and responsible use of digital tools. You will support student projects using digital technologies and aimed at players in the social and solidarity economy.
  • Further the energy retrofit plan for SKEMA campuses, to achieve a 40% reduction in heating and electricity consumption by 2030.

How to allocate your apprenticeship tax to SKEMA:

  1. Fill in the pledge form
  2. Direct debit: the balance of your company's apprenticeship tax (taxe d'apprentissage) will be debited by URSSAF/MSA in May 2024, once you have submitted your “Déclaration Sociale Nominative” (nominative social declaration)
  3. On the dedicated SOLTéA platform, state the amount you wish to allocate to SKEMA
  4. Confirm your choice

Together, let's help train the leaders of tomorrow and build a sustainable future.

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