Behind the scenes of the Career Service: three questions for our coach Carine Frecon (SK 1987)

13 May 2020

SKEMA Alumni’s Career Service relies on a network of more than 40 professional partners in France and abroad to run workshops and provide you with support. Career assessments, management coaching, job search tool optimisation, help with starting a business... we’ve surrounded ourselves with experts to meet your every need!

To help you get to know them better, each week we will ask a couple of these coaches three questions. Their profiles are varied so that we can offer you a broad range of skills and expertise.

Carine Frecon (SK 1987), certified coach and owner/operator of a consulting firm, presents her experience.

Who are you? How would you define yourself professionally these days?

Professional coach for over 12 years.

What led you to become a coach? Tell us about your background?

As a sales manager at Oracle for about twenty years, I led mixed international project teams (technical and sales) to win contracts to solve strategic issues for clients. Team cohesiveness was always the clincher for winning against the competition.

Twelve years ago when I set up my consulting firm specialising in organisation and coaching, I wanted SMEs and micro-businesses to be able to learn best practices. I wanted them to be able to acquire the mindset, knowledge and fundamental reflexes that are necessary and essential for tackling organisational transformations, to achieve better performance and greater social responsibility.

Who can contact you? To discuss what?

Business owners, managers and executives, to find new, sustainable ways of working and operating now that teams have become atomised (autonomy - cohesiveness - performance - efficiency - work-life balance).

A final word or some advice to share?

Invest in yourself to acquire the fundamental knowledge and behaviours that will increase your sense of well-being and interpersonal skills in your everyday life. Receive career orientation coaching or get trained by Modulo Coaching (Modulo Training brand). 

Carine is available for remote sessions as part of SKEMA Alumni’s one-on-one coaching offering. Contact us for more information.