Behind the scenes of the Career Service: three questions for our coach Marine Vincent (SK 2010)

28 May 2020

SKEMA Alumni’s Career Service relies on a network of more than 40 professional partners in France and abroad to run workshops and provide you with support. Career assessments, management coaching, job search tool optimisation, help with starting a business... we’ve surrounded ourselves with experts to meet your every need!

To help you get to know them better, each week we will ask a couple of these coaches three questions. Their profiles are varied so that we can offer you a broad range of skills and expertise.

Marine Vincent (SK 2010), career planning coach and consultant, found this an interesting exercise.

Who are you? How would you define yourself professionally these days?

I’m a coach, public speaker and CHRC*. I help people to fast-track their career goals by developing their confidence, motivation and leadership. (*CHRC: Certified Human Resources Consultant)

What led you to become a coach/consultant? Tell us about your background?

My work experience in project management and human resources, but more importantly my own personal journey (the people I’ve met, the things I’ve read and my experiences). All of the questions I asked myself to find some meaning in my life and to be aligned with my values, my qualities and my aspirations in my work.

Who can contact you? To discuss what?

Anyone who is thinking about their professional future and wanting to:

  • Find a job  
  • Pivot their career 
  • Boost their career advancement
  • Start a business

A final word or some advice to share?

I wish you a rich and fulfilling personal and professional life!

Marine is available for remote sessions as part of SKEMA Alumni’s one-on-one coaching offering. Contact us for more information.