Build your career plan with the help of the augmented Career service

23 July 2019

At the start of the 2019/2020 academic year, SKEMA Alumni will be changing up its offering and morphing into a career management consultancy by giving you access to a career guidance platform widely used by outplacement agencies and skills assessment centres. Discover Parcouréo, the portal for lifelong career orientation!

Find information about jobs, choose a career direction, create a career plan, enter the workforce, analyse your skills and strengths, manage your career, take stock of your situation, change jobs, change professions... For every pivotal moment in the orientation process, SKEMA Alumni has chosen tools that are recognised nationwide by more than 17,000 professionals in the fields of education, employment and human resources and chosen by more than 3,500 organisations in France: schools, information and orientation centres, universities, local centres assisting young people with employment, skills assessment centres, training and employment organisations, HR consultancies, and more. They currently benefit 600,000 people each year, ranging from junior high school students to adults looking to retrain.

The benefits of the Parcouréo service

  • A 100% web-based platform that is constantly evolving
  • A database with more than 1,200 very complete job descriptions that can be accessed online
  • Interactive decision support tools to put together a personal profile and match it up to occupations while questioning the results, comparing the information, asking why a particular occupation came up...
  • A solution that allows you to mix in-person sessions (in the form of consultations with the Career Manager), and remote sessions where you do the work on your own.
  • A completely “personal” space: each user can save a summary of the work done using the software, and use it for as long as they like.
  • And as if that wasn’t enough, you can also get access to orientation and self-knowledge tools: MBTI, STRONG, etc. (fees apply)

The tools at your disposal

  • The Encyclo-métiers (job encyclopaedia): 1,200 jobs analysed based on 200 criteria
    Our partner, the Jeunesse Avenir Entreprise (JAE) foundation, wrote this unrivalled database that analyses the entire professional and career landscape in France, as well as its evolutions. It’s a first-rate tool recognised by the major players in the fields of education, training and employment.

  • Pass’Avenir (future pass): build your career plan
    Pass’Avenir is a software application dedicated to creating your career plan. It covers every aspect of the plan: self-assessment, exploration, information, access to employment. Its database of 1,200 jobs and its decision support features make it a benchmark tool.

  • Transférence: the skills translator
    Transférence, a skills analysis and transfer tool for adults, designed with the help of Canadian researchers from Université Laval, analyses 1,200 jobs based on 74 transferrable skills, and helps to identify and translate these skills into occupation(s).

  • Japro: meet professionals online
    To discover an occupation, nothing beats meeting people who are actually in that job! The JAE foundation has incorporated the interactive web-conference service “Japro” into Parcouréo. Professionals come and talk about their work and give web users an opportunity to ask them questions in real time. All the videos are then available as replays.


Want to take advantage of this service?
SKEMA Alumni is exclusively offering its network of alumni free access to it during this launch year!*

Contact the Career service for more information and to book an appointment.

 this offer doesn't include access to the psychometric tools (MBTI, STRONG, etc.)