Financial Times rankings: SKEMA ranked third worldwide for its finance programme

22 June 2021

The Financial Times, the British economic and financial daily newspaper, has placed SKEMA in the third place worldwide for the school’s “MSc Financial Markets & Investments” programme taught at the Grand Paris Campus, Sophia Antipolis and Raleigh (USA) campuses. SKEMA consolidated its third place among the 55 selected international schools and universities. 


This ranking is mainly based on the significant salary progression of graduates, their quick professional integration, and their employability abroad.

  • Graduates from SKEMA's MSc Financial Markets & Investments programme achieve significant salary progression. On average, they show a salary progression of 79% three years after their first job, which is 31% higher than the world average and 20% higher than the average for French schools. According to the ranking, SKEMA has the 4th highest rate of salary progression in the world, and 2nd among French schools, after HEC.
  • The speed of professional integration of SKEMA graduates is among the best in the world: 97% of 2020 graduates found their first job within three months, 11 points higher than the world average and 5 points higher than the French average. However, in this time of crisis, the world average for the three-month professional integration rate has dropped significantly (the world average is 86% for 2020 graduates, whereas it was 91% for 2019 graduates).
  • In terms of international mobility, the mobility of students during their studies combined with remarkable employability abroad confirms the relevance of SKEMA's "glocal" model. The school is ranked 2nd in terms of mobility (international mobility rank). SKEMA is also ranked 3rd in the world in terms of international integration of the programme's graduates, an increase of two ranks compared to the previous year (employment data for the class of 2019) and of seven compared to 2018 (employment data for the class of 2017). This increase is all the more remarkable as it takes place during the ongoing health crisis. 

Thanks to the addition of these three strengths, the "Aims Achieved indicator", which reflects the satisfaction and achievement of graduates, has improved, rising from 87% in 2018 to 94% in 2021, the second highest rate in the world, behind ESCP. The world average is 86%, while the French schools' average is 90%.

"This ranking crowns 'French excellence' at the global level with the Top 3 comprising HEC, ESCP and SKEMA. Our 3rd place in the world is a collective achievement that reflects first and foremost the commitment of our finance professors to providing students with high-level courses and opening up their professional networks," emphasised Alice Guilhon, SKEMA's Executive President and Dean.


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