First virtual meetup in Washington

29 October 2020

Hosted on 9 October 2020 by Michael Ba (SK 1997), Director of Projects at e-Management, this first virtual meetup, organised to bring together the members of SKEMA’s Washington-based community, was attended by our local alumni.

One surprise guest, Nacera Taleb (SK 2011), Global Brand Marketing Manager at Universal Pictures, joined the call from Los Angeles and was thrilled to be reconnecting with her friends from the network. Nacera had previously worked in Washington for 5 years, in the marketing and international development sector.

Participants discussed entrepreneurial ventures, like that of Estelle Bardon (SK 2007), AI project manager at Airbus and founder of MyLibook which helps children to become keen readers.  


I graduated in 2007 and worked as Purchasing Consultant in France, then was hired as Procurement Project Manager by Airbus in the United States in 2011. These days I’m still at Airbus, in the Silicon Valley, working as a project manager in artificial intelligence. A year ago, I also launched a startup in a very different field, because yes I have grown up and have had 2 daughters since graduating.

So I launched MyLibook!  Children can recognise themselves in the 7-story book series (the hero in the stories has the same name as them, the same favourite colour, etc.).


Some alumni from the banking industry also attracted attention, since 6 of them work for the World Bank. This is a sector that is recruiting right now!

The community was thrilled to get together, even if only virtually. The next virtual meetup will be on 13/11 (sign up to join us).

  SKEMA Alumni USA