Innovation with the first Giving Month organised by SKEMA

20 July 2023 School

SKEMA Business School held its first ever FMI Challenge from 1 to 30 April. On the initiative of Tarek Amyuni, Director of the MSc Financial Markets & Investments (FMI) on the Sophia Antipolis campus, the alumni of the programme rallied together to support the Sophia Antipolis campus’ SKEMA FMI Scholarship Fund, so that the best students can benefit from one of the best finance programmes in the world, irrespective of their means!

The competition was fierce, with nearly 70 alumni taking part and raising a total of €16,169. The Class of 2009 won this inaugural edition and their victory will soon be commemorated with a plaque to be hung in the campus’ Bloomberg room.


We would like to thank all the participating classes and Tarek Amyuni, without whom none of this would have been possible.


Jean-Edouard Aguie (SKEMA 2012)

Rayane Aït-Elhocine (SKEMA 2016)

Giovanna Arria (SKEMA 2012)

Guillaume Babin (SKEMA 2008)

Vitold Berte (SKEMA 2009)

Julie Boileau (SKEMA 2014)

Amina Boumira (SKEMA 2015)

Victor Boyer (SKEMA 2010)

Jean-Baptiste Buchot (SKEMA 2012)

Cyril Camilleri (SKEMA 2005)

Louis Charles (SKEMA 2008)

Arnaud Choblet (SKEMA 2002)

David Cohen (SKEMA 2008)

Florent Colombet (SKEMA 2012)

Etienne Daubas (SKEMA 2015)

Kevin Alan Daval (SKEMA 2014)

Samy Debbah (SKEMA 2006)

Boris Desfosses (SKEMA 2015)

Gregory Dreksler (SKEMA 2003)

Nicolas Dujardin (SKEMA 2021)

Anthony Durupt (SKEMA 2019)

Rudy Esposito (SKEMA 2014)

Soufiane Ezzeyadi (SKEMA 2010)

Jérémie Fastnacht (SKEMA 2012)

Benoit Fer (SKEMA 2009)

Nicolas Groene (SKEMA 2000)

Flavien Guironnet (SKEMA 2013)

Anthony Hall (SKEMA 2009)

Feriel Harbi (SKEMA 2014)

Benjamin Hennebo (SKEMA 2013)

Hadrien Huttenmoser (SKEMA 2016)

Ahmad Ibrahim (SKEMA 2013)

Victor James (SKEMA 2015)

Tarjei Janbu (SKEMA 2013)

Raphael Kasbik (SKEMA 2007)

Francesco Kessler (SKEMA 2016)

Alexandre Landi (SKEMA 2014)

Clement Le Ho (SKEMA 2018)

Loic Leblanc (SKEMA 2012)

Sheherazade Leprestre (SKEMA 2015)

Alban Lhonneur (SKEMA 2004)

Matthieu Loriferne (SKEMA 2004)

Sébastien Michelis (SKEMA 2003)

Stephanie Mielnik (SKEMA 2009)

Nicolas Millet (SKEMA 2004)

Edouard Moreau (SKEMA 2007)

Wikal Moubaker (SKEMA 2015)

Christophe Oleron (SKEMA 2005)

Guillaume Oliveira (SKEMA 2005)

Gregory Paje (SKEMA 2005)

Isira Perera (SKEMA 2005)

Dimitri Platonoff (SKEMA 2012)

Xavier Plichon (SKEMA 2015)

Benoit Pommier (SKEMA 2012)

Danny Reymer Ulloa (SKEMA 2019)

Xavier Roesle (SKEMA 2002)

Anthony Rottino (SKEMA 2016)

Yannick Sanni (SKEMA 2012)

Michel Sarfati (SKEMA 2003)

Pascal Solyga (SKEMA 2015)

Nicolas Stcherbatcheff (SKEMA 2001)

Julien Tomaiuolo (SKEMA 2012)

Hillary Van (SKEMA 2015)

Julien Veillard (SKEMA 2005)

Evariste Verchere (SKEMA 2004)

Grégory Vicens (SKEMA 2008)

Adrien Villiers (SKEMA 2013)