The SKEMA community supporting its students

06 July 2020

On 27 April this year, SKEMA launched a SKEMA United emergency solidarity fund to support its students facing hardship due to the health crisis.  

Since that day, a large number of alumni, staff members, partners and students have contributed to the solidarity fund by making a donation, enabling us to allocate 60 grants to the most urgent cases. These encouraging first few weeks show how great our community is at rallying together and standing in solidarity when it considers an initiative important.


The power of a community

From the start of the campaign, in addition to those who participated by donating, 25 alumni around the world stepped up to dedicate their efforts each day to promoting and supporting the initiative.

We would like to pay tribute to them in this article. They are the beating hearts of the campaign and it is thanks to them that we can hope to achieve our goal. We thank them for their dedication!

“All together, we SKEMA alumni have a social role to play in our society and I am very proud to see our school setting an example by creating a solidarity fund to help our future graduates who are having a hard time of late.” 
Nicolas Deconchon (SK 2006), ambassador 

“I’m very proud to belong to the SKEMA Alumni network! The values taught by SKEMA are a rock we can lean on to spread mutual supportiveness and solidarity. Let’s pull together to grow this fabulous network!” 
Celine Hediard (SK 2004), ambassador

Our students still need you

With five months remaining in the campaign, there is still a long road ahead before we can fund 300 grants for our students who need them the most, whatever their programme or nationality.

To give them some hope, we need you. Every donation makes a difference, regardless of the amount. Donations are tax deductible. As an example, a donation of €100 will cost you only €34 after deduction from your French impôt sur le revenu (income tax), or €40 after deduction from your French impôt sur les sociétés (corporation tax). Plus each donation will be matched euro for euro by SKEMA.  

Thanks to your participation, these students will be able to look to the future with greater peace of mind.


A big THANK YOU from our grant recipients!

“Because of the COVID-19 crisis, I had unexpected expenses totalling more than €2,500. Since I pay for my own rent, transport, food and multimedia subscriptions, the SKEMA United grant was a godsend for me, a breath of fresh air during what has been a difficult time financially. This grant is allowing me to overcome some of the difficulties caused by the pandemic and giving me a chance to get on an equal footing with my fellow students by taking some of the strain off my monthly expenses. Thank you so much to all the donors!”

Student - MSc Global Luxury and Management 

“Thanks to the SKEMA United grant, I can now face my short-term future with more peace of mind, because the grant took care of some urgent and unexpected expenses. Now, I am more confident about my professional future. With all my heart, I thank you!” 

Student - MSc International Business 

If you fully support this initiative, like our ambassadors you can let your former classmates and the people around you know about the campaign: the more people participate, the sooner we will reach our target.

We know we can count on you!  




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