Cha Li Zhou (SK 2015): “From SKEMA to an entrepreneurial career”
Cha Li Zhou (SK 2015): “From SKEMA...After living six years in France, Cha Li decided...
23 June 2020
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Xavier Gendron (SK 1995): from business development and management to digital entrepreneurship
Xavier Gendron (SK 1995): from...Xavier Gendron, an alumnus of SKEMA’s Class...
15 June 2020
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Xiaoli Bulte (SK 2011): Mini Asie, a bridge between France and China
Xiaoli Bulte (SK 2011): Mini Asie,...In an interview with SKEMA Alumni, Xiaoli Bulte...
13 June 2020
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Arnaud Boulay (SK 1997): "A serial entrepreneur in the field of new technologies"
Arnaud Boulay (SK 1997): "A serial...Now an expat living in Singapore, SKEMA alumnus...
08 June 2020
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Steven Wang (SK 2004) - “In Hong Kong, people remembered SARS”
Steven Wang (SK 2004) - “In Hong...Steven Wang, Logistics Director for LVMH Fashion...
27 April 2020
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Adrien Giroudon (SK 2014) launches the xSuit licence in France. Suits that give you superpowers!
Adrien Giroudon (SK 2014) launches...The revolution was launched in July 2017 through...
24 April 2020
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Nanrindra Ravelojaona (SK 2006): “Entrepreneurship is a school of life”
Nanrindra Ravelojaona (SK 2006):...“Expatriates” are people who leave...
26 March 2020
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