Nanrindra Ravelojaona (SK 2006): “Entrepreneurship is a school of life”
Nanrindra Ravelojaona (SK 2006):... “Expatriates” are people who leave...
26 March 2020
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Kassim Lassissi (SK 2016), presents Allëdjo, a fashion label that celebrates the world’s cultures
Kassim Lassissi (SK 2016), presents... Kassim Lassissi, a SKEMA graduate of the Class of...
25 March 2020
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“A free spirit”, interview with Nawel Alaoui (SK 2014)
“A free spirit”, interview with... Our alumna Nawel Alaoui (SK 2014) has changed the...
28 February 2020
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“SKEMA continues to inspire me” - Gregoire Rastoul (SK 2009)
“SKEMA continues to inspire me” -... At 35, Gregoire Rastoul is the founder and CEO of...
21 February 2020
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Reda Bouraoui (SK 1987) has one objective: “to develop leadership in the frontier markets”
Reda Bouraoui (SK 1987) has one... With a remarkable career in agribusiness in North...
31 January 2020
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Marc Jourdan-Gassin (SK 1984): “I felt the need to challenge myself”
Marc Jourdan-Gassin (SK 1984): “I... In charge of development in Latin America at...
24 January 2020
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Nicolas Votano (SK 2006), American firm Frost & Sullivan’s youngest partner
Nicolas Votano (SK 2006), American... Talent, skill and determination aren’t...
31 December 2019
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