Antoine Ducos (SKEMA 1987): CEO & Founder of APO France; serial entrepreneur
Antoine Ducos (SKEMA 1987): CEO &... "My studies at SKEMA were the perfect fit for me:...
22 March 2024
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Celine Faict (SKEMA 2013), Senior Product Manager at Neuhaus
Celine Faict (SKEMA 2013), Senior... "Marketing is an exciting, creative and highly...
12 March 2024
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Caroline Lafon Tocan (SKEMA 2014), Founder of Carayama Yoga
Caroline Lafon Tocan (SKEMA 2014),... Meet the founder of Carayama Yoga: an...
21 February 2024
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Jiayi (SKEMA 2018): "During my studies in France, I learned that anything is possible".
Jiayi (SKEMA 2018): "During my... Passionate about French culture, Jiayi chose to...
09 November 2023
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Denis Pellicer (SKEMA 2012), Tax Director in Tax Technology & Accounting, Siemens Energy
Denis Pellicer (SKEMA 2012), Tax... "Taking advantage of professional opportunities...
20 October 2023
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Pierre Ippolito (MSc 2011) — a family business with one watchword: "get involved"
Pierre Ippolito (MSc 2011) — a... See the recent appointment of Pierre Ippolito...
06 October 2023
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Swing Yao (MSc 2019): "SKEMA Business School helped me to grow"
Swing Yao (MSc 2019): "SKEMA... Originally from China, after high school Swing...
04 September 2023
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