Inclusion and Diversity Mentoring

Diversity and Inclusion Mentoring at SKEMA BS: One world, many Voices.

Within the framework of the Diversity and Inclusion Mentoring programme, we are shaping an environment where unity in diversity is celebrated. This programme goes beyond traditional mentoring by providing specific spaces to explore diverse themes such as equal opportunities, disability, ethical dilemmas, representation, and intercultural understanding.

It is an opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in varied perspectives and develop essential skills to navigate a diverse professional world. Diversity and Inclusion Mentoring is a call to action to collectively build a professional space where everyone has a place, differences are celebrated, and inclusion is at the heart of collective success.

For mentees, it's a chance to benefit from tailored support focused on promoting equity and inclusion. Mentors, meanwhile, find deep satisfaction in actively contributing to changing mindsets and building a more inclusive community.

Join us in this diverse mentoring adventure, where each exchange contributes to illuminating the path towards a more equitable professional future.



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