• Calendar
    1. Monday 21st October at 06:00 PM
      Artificial Intelligence Conference

      Keynote Speaker: Dr. Thierry Warin and Alice Guilhon

    2. Thursday 24th October at 06:30 PM
      IA event to Accenture Labs

      Discovering the technologies of the future

    3. Monday 28th October at 07:30 PM
      Indian night to celebrate Diwali

      with a Bollywood DJ

    4. Tuesday 5th November at 06:30 PM
      To understand the conflict positively

      Career workshop (Lille)

    5. Wednesday 6th November at 12:15 PM
      How to convince when you do not check all the boxes

      Online Career workshop

    6. Thursday 7th November at 07:00 PM
      Club Entrepreneur Pitch Session

      Challenge your business ideas in front of SKEMA alumni !!

    7. Thursday 7th November at 07:00 PM
      French dinner

      Come and socialise while showing off your culinary AND your professional knowledges

    8. Saturday 9th November at 11:00 AM
      Lunch and a friendly game of petanque

      Join the SKEMA Alumni Singapore community for a fun afternoon including lunch and a game of petanque

    9. Tuesday 12th November at 07:00 PM
      After-work event with some entrepreneurs from the UK network

      A new concept! Meet and chat with some London entrepreneurs

    10. Friday 15th November at 07:30 PM
      Class of 2009, 10 Year-Anniversary event !

      Ten-Year reunion on rooftop

    11. Tuesday 19th November at 07:00 PM
      To make sense with you career

      Career workshop (Paris)

    12. Wednesday 20th November at 12:15 PM
      Fail better: how to transform failure in a positive way

      Online Career workshop

    13. Thursday 28th November at 12:15 PM
      Learn how to pilot your brain

      Online Career workshop

    14. Wednesday 11th December at 12:15 PM
      7 keys to be happy at work

      Online Career workshop

    15. Thursday 19th December at 12:15 PM
      Mental load, balance of life ... what if we took stock together?

      Online Career workshop

    16. Tuesday 21st January 2020 at 07:00 PM
      With NLP, be even more involved in changes in your career

      Career workshop (Paris)

    17. Wednesday 29th January 2020 at 06:30 PM
      Lecture by Robert Dilts: Conscious Leadership and Resilience