Choose how to be involved in the alumni network

21 March 2024 Various

Want to get involved and share your experience with the school's alumni and current students? Every member of the community can play a part in making the SKEMA Alumni network richer and even more innovative and creative.


Wherever you’re at in your career, there are several ways you can get involved:


  • Attend our events

Attend the events organised by the Alumni department and its network of ambassador-volunteers, such as conferences and round tables, after-work meetups and class reunions, but also professional development workshops and webinars. They’re a great opportunity to meet other alumni, expand your network and develop your career.

  • Come and speak

A speaker is an alum who shares their experience, expertise and career path at an alumni event (conference, round table, workshop, webinar) or a student event (career fairs, open days, prepadays, etc.). This is an opportunity to share and pass on your knowledge.

  • Become a career coach

You’re a certified coach with an idea for a professional development workshop you’d like to run?

  • Become a mentor

What is mentoring? 

Mentoring is a supportive relationship between a mentor and a mentee, where guidance, advice and experience is shared. In short, an alum helps and coaches a recent graduate (or final-year student). 


Facilitate the success and workforce integration of the mentee, by giving a little of your time and sharing your experience and network. 

Where and when? 

2 x 6-month sessions per year: 

  • September to February 
  • March to August 

The session schedule is agreed between the mentor and the mentee. 


Log in to your private account and register for the mentoring campaign.

  • Become an ambassador for a local chapter

What does this involve? 


Become the go-to person for alumni in your region or city. 




Help maintain connections between alumni living in the same region, welcome newcomers, organise events, parties, dinners, cultural outings... several times a year on a voluntary basis, with the support of the Alumni team. 

Where and when? 


Schedule to be organised with the Alumni team

  • Become an industry-specific club ambassador

What does this involve? 


It's about becoming an alumni go-to person for a particular industry or profession. A number of clubs have been set up and some are still waiting for an ambassador — or you can create a new one! 




Engage the club members and organise virtual or in-person events around the club’s theme. 


When and where? 


At least twice a year

  • Be on the admissions jury for competitive entrance exams

Every year, SKEMA organises admissions panels on its 3 French campuses for the BBA, ESDHEM and PGE competitive entrance exams. They select the school's future students based on an admissions interview. 

Help us to put forward the best candidates who will continue to build your school’s reputation and help it move up in the rankings!

  • Recruit students: offer internships or work-study programmes

You’d like to hire one or more of our students for an internship or work-study programme? 

Making the companies that place their trust in us recruiters of choice is a priority for SKEMA Business School. 


SKEMA Talent & Careers and its corporate relations managers are here to support you in deploying your projects. 

You can submit your job opportunities, take part in career fairs, speak at on-campus career conferences, etc.

  • Recruit alumni: post vacancies (fixed-term or open-ended contracts)

Every year, we receive numerous employment opportunities, which we send out to all our alumni. 

To optimise, speed up and streamline the processing of your submissions, we have set up an online job posting tool. 

This tool allows you to be completely self-sufficient and submit/modify/delete all your vacancies in just a few clicks, at any time. 


If you're an alum, you can submit your employment opportunity directly via your alum profile, without creating an account.

  • Organise a class reunion

Celebrate your class's 10th, 20th, 30th or 40th anniversary! 

Share an unforgettable moment with your class and reminisce about your best student years! 


Contact us and we'll give you all the information you need to help organise this event:

  • Pay us your apprenticeship tax

The taxe d'apprentissage (apprenticeship tax) is a tax paid by all companies operating in France, to contribute to the cost of education. As a SKEMA alum, you may have sway or decision-making authority within your company.

  • Become a SKEMA partner

Making the companies that place their trust in us the recruiters of choice is a priority for SKEMA Business School.

That is why SKEMA Talent & Careers has developed a range of partnership offers tailored specifically for HR departments wishing to become more involved with SKEMA, to address their recruitment challenges, help with their employer brand and much more.

  • Make a donation

You can make a donation if you wish to financially support the success of the younger generations, encourage entrepreneurship among young entrepreneurs, or support SKEMA's scholarship programme, pedagogical innovation and research.