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26 January 2024 School

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The aim:

to give you access to the views and insights of professionals on current issues, and to shed some light on these thanks to the work of our researchers. Society, technology, the economy, the environment... The different perspectives intersect and complement one another, bringing learnings and food for thought.

1st edition: "ESG, a new deal between business and society

In this first issue, you will find articles such as:

The acronym ESG is gaining prominence in the media in response to the climate emergency. For more than 20 years, environmental protection has been a crucial global issue, to ensure the sustainability of the planet and of human living conditions. To prompt people to action, the scientific data and IPCC reports need to be accompanied by storytelling. While politicians play an essential role in raising awareness of environmental issues and influencing public policy, it is businesses that are responsible for really turning things around. In addition to environmental protection, social concerns and governance are also becoming important.


Companies are taking a proactive approach to ESG challenges, but there is still a gap between awareness, commitment, and the effectiveness of actions. ESG approaches take time and require training and adjustments to eliminate negative externalities and achieve carbon neutrality. 


Through the first-hand experiences of 9 international companies, this issue highlights that these organisations are striving to become sustainable by focusing on achieving carbon neutrality as a priority. However, they also aspire to become "contributing companies" with a broader positive impact, which implies revisiting their business models. ESG then becomes a virtuous process aimed at turning companies into regenerative organisations that exist in harmony with nature. Although this takes time, it is a collective goal that brings new meaning to companies undergoing change. In the current context of increasing geopolitical challenges, it is encouraging to see companies embracing ESG.


In this issue, you can also enjoy the presence of our alumni:

- Romain Didier (SKEMA 2023), Independent Accredited Expert, former CEO of Somivab

- Victor Genin (SKEMA 2003), Vice-President Sustainable Performance, Accor

- Arnaud Rolland (SKEMA 1994), Vice-President CSR, Lagardère Travel Retail


Thank you to them for their contributions and their expert insights!


Enjoy your reading!