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07 February 2024 Career

As an alumni, there are several strategic advantages to recruiting graduates or students of your alma mater. As a committed former student, you can play a key role in the recruitment process and contribute to the ongoing success of your school.


What are the advantages of recruiting members of the SKEMA community? 

  • Being part of a dynamic professional network where members share the same values.
  • Having access to an extensive and active professional network that is a source of career and collaboration opportunities.
  • Optimising the visibility of your employment opportunities by offering our alumni exclusive access to your job vacancies before they are posted on other platforms.
  • Strengthening your company's reputation as an employer that supports professional development and talent growth.

In short, as an alumni recruiting graduates or students of your alma mater, you can capitalise on a host of advantages, such as in-depth knowledge of the school, an extensive network, cultural alignment and mutual trust, all of which can contribute positively to the success of your company.


How can I recruit for a fixed-term contract, permanent contract, VIE or VIA?


Visit our alumni website and submit your job opportunity, which will then be posted online.


How can I recruit students for internships or apprenticeships? 


SKEMA organises Career Fairs dedicated to recruitment, and Sector Days dedicated to discovering business sectors such as finance, supply chain, auditing and consulting, digital and luxury. See all our event dates and locations.


Have questions? Contact us and we’ll send you all the information you need!


If you’d simply like to submit your internship or apprenticeship offers throughout the year, you’ll find all the necessary information on this page: