5th Reverse Mentoring workshop on "Women's Leadership" this month

15 April 2024 Events

"What marvellous energy from entrepreneurs and the strength of the collective!" A testimonial that set the tone for the Reverse Mentoring workshop held on 25 March at SKEMA's Knowledge Centre in Lille, in collaboration with SKEMA Ventures, Franck Hanoh, the Ventures students, Stéphanie Chasserio and all the inspiring SKEMA alumni: a kindly and appreciative look at the female entrepreneurs supported by the Force Femmes association*.

The aim of this workshop was to give our panel of alumni the role of coach, to challenge and advise Force Femmes entrepreneurs on their projects and issues. This they did in trios including a student selected by Franck Hanoh, SKEMA Ventures Manager.


To represent the panel of this rich, diverse and intergenerational workshop, we had the pleasure of welcoming:

  • Justine Thiriez (SKEMA 2011), ambassador for the SKEMA Alumni Entrepreneurs Club, founder and manager of the second-hand shop SLOWMOD.
  • Rosalie Dubly (SKEMA 2010), Marketing Strategy Consultant for EPIC CONSULTING, former Marketing Manager for Auchan Retail.
  • Laura Di Muzio (SKEMA 2014), top-level rugbywoman, lecturer, founder of LJA Sports, Sports/rugby Consultant for France TV.
  • Ingrid Robil (SKEMA 2007), company director, HR Strategy Consultant at HUMAN IR, former Human Development Director at NORAUTO France.
  • Lauryn Berro (SKEMA 2018), manager of La Cabane de la Glisse shop, founder of LB Cedars, sports entrepreneur.
  • Charles Delbes (SKEMA 2015), Foodtech entrepreneur, currently setting up his own company after a 5-year entrepreneurial project in Chile.
  • Armelle Moan (SKEMA 1992), Human Resources Consultant and coach at INSPIRE, former Human Resources Director at Auchan Retail.

The exercise was to form trios consisting of:

  • A woman supported by Force Femmes, with a well-developed or already-created business projecr now experiencing a particular problem in continuing to progress.
  • A final-year student in an entrepreneurship Master's programme, incubated at SKEMA Ventures or in a specialisation close to entrepreneurship, to gain a better understanding of the issues faced by FF women entrepreneurs.
  • An alumnus/a company director, entrepreneur, executive, legal, tax, communications or business development expert, to share their experience. Their aim was to provide concrete solutions to the issues raised, and their presence helped to stimulate discussion.

This meeting with the panel was an opportunity to discuss the projects presented as a group, put forward solutions and action plans, and provide a debriefing on the workshop in general. It was a constructive, friendly and sharing moment that provided our budding female entrepreneurs with the keys to deal with all kinds of obstacles.


What the participants said


"I loved the synergy of all the participants."


"I really enjoyed the moments of exchange with all types of people in the trios (students, alumni, entrepreneurs)."


"I feel I've shared my best practices and listened to those of others."

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*Force Femmes helps women over 45 to find a job or start their own business. Force Femmes arose 12 years ago from the initiative of committed women driven by the desire to create a better world by serving a just cause. This cause is to ensure that women who need to earn a living are not left by the wayside. So what if they're 45? Today, Force Femmes has 12 branches in France, 800 volunteers and 12 salaried employees. In 2018, the Force Femmes branch in Lille supported over 200 women, thanks to its 80 volunteers, and recorded a return to employment or business creation rate of over 40%.