How investing in luxury watches can be a diversification opportunity
How investing in luxury watches can... During a splendid event on 13 March 2024 at the...
16 April 2024
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5th Reverse Mentoring workshop on "Women's Leadership" this month
5th Reverse Mentoring workshop on... "What marvellous energy from entrepreneurs and...
15 April 2024
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Diversity and corporate performance: deciphering the issues
Diversity and corporate... "Women's Leadership: How does diversity influence...
10 April 2024
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Reconciling viable and virtuous in a business model: Le Fourgon dusts off the deposit return system!
Reconciling viable and virtuous in... Charles Christory (SKEMA 2008), Co-founder and...
28 February 2024
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Law Club: how to successfully terminate an employment contract
Law Club: how to successfully... Is it preferable for an employee to part ways...
24 November 2023
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Marvellous back-to-school parties in Lille and Sophia Antipolis
Marvellous back-to-school parties... "A wonderfully warm and friendly evening, and a...
20 October 2023
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A joyous and emotional 40-year reunion for the PGE Class of ‘83!
A joyous and emotional 40-year... On 24 June, the alumni of the Class of 1983...
24 June 2023
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