Alumni, you too can be mentored!

16 February 2022 Career

Last year, we presented the mentoring programme, designed to foster sharing and connection between SKEMA’s students and alumni. Launched in 2021, its aim is to provide support to all students, but also to all alumni who would like to receive personal, one-on-one guidance and help with their career plan.


To date, more than 200 alumni have stepped up as mentors in the SKEMA Business School programme. We’re now offering you the chance to be mentored by another school alum.


Why be mentored?

If you’re on the job market, if you’re changing careers, or if you’d like to start your own entrepreneurial venture, mentoring can be a good fit for you!


You’ll be able to benefit from the support of a professional there to share their best advice. They can provide an unbiased, external perspective, a big-picture view.


Mentorship will allow you to: 

    • Develop your soft skills
    • Network and make new professional contacts
    • Learn the tricks of the trade
    • Receive continuous support
    • Stack the odds in your favour
    • Receive guidance tailored to your specific needs
    • Grow on a personal level


How to get started with a mentor 

Sign in to your SKEMA Alumni profile below.

The tool is simple and efficient; you can find a mentor who matches your own set of criteria. Once registered, simply contact your mentor to get going on this new adventure.