Discover the new SKEMA Executive Education Data & Artificial Intelligence programme

16 February 2022 Career

SKEMA Executive Education is now offering an online certificate course to enable leaders to set their organisation’s digital transformation in motion!


Run in partnership with Mines ParisTech, this course delivering approximately 23 hours of training aims to support managers and leaders wishing to build on their knowledge of data science and AI in order to integrate these into their business strategy and carry out transformation projects.




Become familiar with data science and artificial intelligence

  • Learn the key concepts and vocabulary of data science and AI
  • Discover the new skills and occupations linked to data science and AI
  • Understand how AI can create value

Use AI to make business decisions and create value

  • Understand why, when and how AI can create value for the business
  • Create value with a data mining platform and identify the impacts and limitations of using AI
  • Experiment with AI within a field of application (Marketing, Finance or Supply Chain)


Build a collective intelligence based on AI to support the strategy

  • Identify the key factors for a successful transformation project
  • Manage and oversee the activity of data specialists
  • Challenge the data and parties involved


Understand the issues of cybersecurity, proper conduct, ethics, and Green IT

  • Understand the requirements of regulations and mass data protection
  • Grasp the ethical issues raised by the use of AI


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