Join the industry-specific club that perfectly matches your career aspirations!

23 February 2024 Various

By joining a club, you'll have the opportunity to exchange ideas, share your experience and forge relationships with other alumni who share your passions, interests, and work in a similar field. As a result, you'll grow your network, deepen your knowledge and develop your expertise. Stay actively connected to SKEMA's global network for an ongoing, rewarding collaboration. 


What is an industry-specific club? 


An industry-specific club is a community of alumni united through working in the same profession and/or industry, wherever they might be in the world. The aim of the club is to share high-quality content, professional experiences and expertise during online and face-to-face events. During these events, organised by the community for the community, relevant topics related to constantly evolving business trends, practices and issues are discussed. The speakers are key players in their field and usually SKEMA alumni.


These events combine talks and networking to maximize enrichment, encourage debate, and strengthen support within the community. Club ambassadors, with the support of the SKEMA Alumni association, orchestrate these meetings and keep you informed.


What are the different industry-specific clubs? 


SKEMA Alumni has set up 11 industry-specific clubs connected with the school's programmes and the fields in which our graduates work: 

  • Luxury 
  • Marketing/Digital/Data 
  • Project management 
  • Finance 
  • Law 
  • Transitions (sustainability) 
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • M&A
  • HR 
  • Industry 
  • Logistics/Procurement/Supply Chain 

How to become a member 


The clubs are open to all SKEMA alumni working, or simply interested, in these fields, wherever they are in the world. Some clubs are already up and running, with ambassadors working on upcoming events. To keep up to date with the latest news, subscribe to the clubs' mailing list via our website and the respective LinkedIn groups.

Other clubs are in the process of being created and we are actively looking for ambassadors, particularly for the Human Resources, Industry, and Logistics/Procurement/Supply Chain clubs. If you have at least five years of relevant experience and are keen to get involved as a volunteer, please don't hesitate to contact us for a chat:


Got an idea for another club? 


We'd love to hear from you! If you think there’s a need for another club, or if you're motivated to start one with us, contact us at