Samar Fozi (PGE 2012): “Develop curiosity and grow your contacts”

14 December 2022 INTERVIEW

A graduate of SKEMA Business School’s PGE Class of 2012 and now Women’s Shoes Director at 30 Montaigne, the Christian Dior flagship in Paris, Samar Fozi shares her journey so far.


Could you tell us a little about yourself and your journey so far?

My name is Samar Fozi; I’m 34 and I come from Poitiers, where I attended preparatory classes for business school. In 2008 I joined SKEMA’s Grande École programme and I graduated in 2012. I spent my first year on the Sophia Antipolis campus, then interned for six months at Parfums Christian Dior. I stayed with them for my gap year, working in product marketing. For the second year of my Master’s I studied business and economics, then wrapped up my higher education by studying international business on the Suzhou campus. I did my final internship at Louis Vuitton.

Can you tell us more about your current position?

I have been working at Christian Dior since finishing my final internship. I started out at the head office, where I worked as a business analyst for four years and looked after retail development, and particularly new store openings. I then worked in supply chain for a year and a half, and for three years now I have been working in a retail store. I currently manage a team in women’s shoes at Dior.


In what ways have SKEMA and the alumni network enabled you to achieve your professional goals?

I was at SKEMA at a time when there were fewer campuses but we had a lot of events where the different classes mingled, including in student societies, so that made for an excellent network. When it came to internships, for example, we exchanged opportunities and passed each other what we found interesting or not. When I was a student, I really enjoyed meeting the school’s alumni; it was always inspiring and motivating.  


What is your fondest memory of SKEMA?

The time I spent in China, a country that was a wonderful experience, especially when I arrived in Suzhou. I didn’t speak a word of Chinese. SKEMA had prepared us by giving us a small booklet explaining the basics of Chinese. We set off in two separate groups in taxis to do some grocery shopping and pointed at “carrefour” in the little booklet; we were taken to two different stores and were looking for each other but weren’t in the right place at all! That’s a great, funny memory! 


In your opinion, what are the three words that best represent the school?

  • Openness
  • Supportiveness
  • Opportunities

What is your motto in everyday life?

I believe anything can be learned. To succeed, you have to be curious enough and nurture your network, because that’s what’s most important.


Contact: Samar Fozi - Women's Shoes Director / 30 Montaigne flagship - Christian Dior Couture